Coastal Credit Union (CCU) is looking for business partners as it introduces a work place savings scheme, in partnership with employers, as the need for financial responsibility becomes ever more important.

There are many good reasons why individuals should save particularly in the most challenging of economic times. If you take control of your finances it can help to remove money worries, put something aside for the future and give you the opportunity to do things that perhaps you would not normally consider, such as taking a weekend break.

When the money is taken directly from your pay and put into a savings account you are far less likely to miss it and you won’t spend it on an unnecessary purchase. Most of us find we do not have much cash left over at the end of the month! That is why business partners are being sought to assist their employees.

Some people find Banks rather unapproachable and their reputation has become tarnished in recent times. It is well worth talking to Coastal Credit Union to see how they can help you.

Email or call 01202 566878.