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Competitive Rates

Coastal Credit Union members can borrow between £50 and £7,500 (subject to conditions) at very competitive rates, using a flexible repayment plan normally linked to a savings plan.

Affordable Borrowing

These low-cost loans are offered exclusively to members. By arranging a savings plan alongside the loan, members not only learn to budget sensibly and repay regularly, they are able to improve their credit rating and build up a bonus pot of money for themselves.

Helping Hand

Support and guidance to help borrowers budget is also part of the package from Coastal Credit Union. Many of our previous borrowers are now enthusiastic savers, pleased to be able to manage their money and pay their own bills and not rely on short term high interest rate loans.

Many Benefits

Benefits to borrowers include:

      • Low interest rates – up to 3% per month (equivalent Annual Percentage Rate [APR] of up to 42.6%)


      • No set up or exit fees


      • No hidden charges


      • No early repayment penalties


      • Interest charged daily, on a reducing basis, so the quicker the loan is repaid, the less interest is due


      • Simple loan application form


      • Savings pot grows alongside repayments made to loan


      • Free life insurance for loans up to £5,000, subject to conditions, which would repay the loan on death of the member

*APR stands for the Annual Percentage Rate of charge. You can use it to compare different credit and loan offers.
Applications are decided on your ability to repay and willingness to save. Applicants must be aged eighteen or over. Terms and conditions apply.

Complete an Application

To find out more, contact us or download an application form:

Sole or Joint Loan Application Form (pdf)
Sole or Joint Loan Application Form (Word Document)