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Services to Partners

Coastal Credit Union works in partnership with councils, social landlords and other groups in the local communities of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Dorset. As a non-profit making co-operative dedicated to improving financial literacy, we welcome initiatives which encourage regular saving and better management of personal finances.

Workplace Savings Plans

Increasingly, employers are looking for opportunities to help staff with financial issues such as debt and the need to develop a savings habit.

Coastal Credit Union
is already working with local employers, including local councils, housing associations, and local charities (see our links page) to provide workplace savings plans to their employees. A regular amount is deducted every week or month, through the payroll. The process is straightforward to set-up.

As one of our workplace savers explains, “If you’ve never had it, you don’t miss it! And one day you find you have enough in the kitty for a special treat!”

Housing Benefits Processing

Coastal Credit Union offers private landlords the facility to receive ring fenced Local Housing Allowance (LHA) on behalf of members who are their tenants. The relevant benefits are paid directly into the tenant-member’s Coastal Credit Union account and then processed direct to the landlord (subject to sufficient funds being available). This ensures that the tenants avoid rent arrears and maintain a stable home address. Landlords feel secure in the knowledge that the rent is paid electronically and on time.

Added Value

We add value to selected partners through:

    • Extensive experience in helping financially disadvantaged individuals change their lives through regular savings and budgeting;
    • Strong relationships with, and support from, local housing associations and councils as well as community organisations;
    • Ethical and fair trade values;
    • Significant press goodwill, with additional coverage in local authority publications.

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